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Team Conflict Coaching

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

Get Your 'ish Together, Together.

Build safe & responsive organizations. Lead incredibly connected teams. Improve individual performance.

Team coaching provides small groups of professionals with the foundational tools necessary to grow their conflict competency while improving team dynamics. Through engaging sessions that foster mutual accountability, groups learn together & grow together, building connections, deepening trust, & sharpening their interpersonal skills.

Group Topics May Focus On:

 Conflict Communication

 for Teams

Recovering & Reconnecting After Leadership Transition

Misaligned Mission, Vision, Values

Our Team and Group Sessions Have Helped Teams To:

  • Identify root causes of conflict and find solutions to overcome it

  • Find stability after a leadership transition

  • Onboard, establish relationships, and set expectations between a new leader and their direct reports

  • Explore and understand conflict styles of self and of others

  • Improve cross-functional communication and increase cohesion and trust between teams

  • Provide leaders and their teams with a proven framework for effective conflict mitigation

  • Reduce complaints of workplace harassment

  • Improve external stakeholder engagement

  • Improve employee and team morale

Conflict Resolution

conflict management



Our Team Conflict Coaching Philosophy

When conflict and crisis are mishandled or ignored, not only does that create barriers to trust and psychological safety inside of an organization, but it also exposes the organization and its leaders to increased external liability.

As a trusted partner, we will work closely with your internal decision-makers to develop & execute a response strategy during and following a major crisis or conflict incident. We will provide expert guidance to ensure that risks and consequences are mitigated so that you can get back to business.

Ready to Grow Your Team?

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


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