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Conflict comes in many different forms. It might look like communication conflict that stems from poor communication practices, organizational conflict that results from inadequate systems and processes, limited resources, and task-oriented conflict, or interpersonal conflict that stems from competing values, personality clashes, and bad behavior.


In many cases, it's a combination of all these factors.


This conflict leads to increased costs, decreased productivity, low employee morale, and more. This can have a ripple effect throughout an organization resulting in poor stakeholder engagement and high employee turnover.

In business, time is money. Unfortunately, conflict takes time and costs money, too.

The Cost of Conflict in Business

$359B in Lost Productivity

How much businesses loss each year due to ongoing conflict

2.8 hrs per Workday

How much time employees lose on the clock to workplace conflict

25% Lost Availability

How much time employees spend away from work due to workplace conflict

How We Help

By utilizing an investigative approach to conflict management, we work closely with leaders to uncover root causes of conflict, identify conflict tolerances, and design out conflict that negatively impacts an organization. This collaborative process is in-depth, and depending on scope, may include the following processes:

  • Organizational conflict analysis

  • Facilitated dialogue for conflict resolution

  • Facilitated negotiations

  • Workplace interventions

  • Individual and group coaching sessions