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From tarnished rapport to squeamish behavior.

Conflict and misconduct can cripple a business. Failing to respond appropriately can kill it altogether.

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In business, time is money. Unfortunately, conflict and misconduct waste time and cost money, too.


Regardless of the industry and economic footprint of a particular business, all are susceptible to becoming contentious environments defined by toxic workplace culture. Challenges come in many different forms and decision-makers rarely possess the necessary skills to deal with them effectively.


Conflict and misconduct may look like harassing or sexually charged communication, bullying, poorly written or enforced policies, office affairs and inappropriate dating relationships, competing values, sex-based power distance and hierarchy, personality clashes, and other bad behavior.


In many cases, it's a combination of all these factors.


Left unaddressed, conflict leads to increased costs, decreased productivity, low employee morale, high turnover, and ultimately, poor stakeholder engagement, lost credibility, and lost reputational capital.


As a confidential partner to your organization, we work closely with your decision-makers to mitigate the fallout that comes with conflict and misconduct. Whether we work with impacted individuals or teams, we provide comprehensive services designed to get your organization back on track.

The Cost of Conflict in Business

$359B in Lost Productivity

2.8 hrs per Workday

25% Lost Availability

How much businesses lose each year due to ongoing conflict

How much time employees lose on the clock to workplace conflict

How much time employees spend away from work due to workplace conflict

How We Help

We work diligently to uncover the root causes of conflict, identify conflict tolerances, and design out conflict that negatively impacts an organization. This collaborative process is in-depth, and depending on scope, may include the following processes:

  • Individual & organizational conflict analysis

  • Facilitated dialogue for conflict resolution

  • Facilitated negotiations

  • Workplace interventions

  • Individual and group coaching, professional accountability