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Conflict Strategy Development

We're Here When 'ish Hits The Fan.


Assess & learn from past conflict.


Lead well during current conflict.


Establish a clear plan to minimize future conflict.

Our Solutions

Today's most successful organizations understand that conflict management is a necessity, not a luxury. For organizations looking for a helping hand, we offer expert guidance for comprehensive conflict and crisis planning and response strategies.

Conflict Strategy Development

Developing comprehensive strategies to protect brands from the harmful effects of conflict & crisis.



Serving as neutrals, providing safe & collaborative environments for workplace conflict resolution.



Providing expert guidance to leadership teams & boards for conflict & crisis management.


Conflict Strategy Development

We utilize proven risk & conflict analysis strategies to identify causes of conflict, conflict tendencies & tolerances in order to design a response strategy tailor-made for your organization. This collaborative process is in-depth, and depending on scope, may include the following processes:

  • Historical conflict analysis

  • Conflict actor/stakeholder analysis

  • Policy analysis & development

  • Tabletop exercises

  • Facilitated conflict resolution

  • Facilitated negotiations

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


Conflict Resolution

conflict management



Conflict Mediation

As a neutral third-party, our mediators provide a safe environment for those impacted by conflict to explore issues openly, to seek resolution, and to discover a path forward through conflict.

Future Focused

Don't stay stuck in the past, let us help you get future-oriented and solution focused.


We control the process, you control the outcome. We'll never compel you to accept a resolution you aren't happy with.


What happens in mediation, stays in mediation.


Advisory Support

When conflict and crisis are mishandled or ignored, not only does that create barriers to trust and psychological safety inside of an organization, but it also exposes the organization and its leaders to increased external liability.

As a trusted partner, we will work closely with your internal decision-makers to develop & execute a response strategy during and following a major crisis or conflict incident. We will provide expert guidance to ensure that risks and consequences are mitigated so that you can get back to business.

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


Ready to Develop Your Strategy?

Conflict Resolution

conflict management