Team Building Session

Group Crisis Intervention

The aftermath of a major conflict, scandal, or the disclosure of sexual abuse within an organization can be devastating. The impact of a single scandal can have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the actor and the victim, and could include employees, volunteers, customers, members, shareholders, and more.

What's more, the emotional and reputational effects of misconduct and the subsequent disruption to the day-to-day operations of a business can hover over an organization for years. In some instances, organizations fail to recover from a scandal, and as a result, may cease operations altogether.

When power is abused or misused, those in positions of authority often lose the trust and support of their followers.

By inviting non-biased, third-party experts in to facilitate confidential conversations with those impacted by misconduct, you signal to them that you take their healing and care seriously. It also gives the organization its best chance to recover and move forward, without the cloud of the past lingering over future progress.


Our interventions are foundationally based on several trauma-informed crisis intervention protocols, including:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Critical Incident Stress Management

  • ICISF Individual & Group Crisis Intervention

  • ICIFS Pastoral Crisis Intervention

  • NAMI Crisis Intervention Team

  • Trauma Peer Counseling

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


It's not therapy. It's not counseling. It's an invitation to a path forward.


Because our interventions are facilitated by experts who are not directly connected to your organization, attendees are given a completely confidential opportunity to share and grieve.

Future Focused

The overall goal of crisis intervention is to help attendees regain emotional stability and to work together to find a path forward. Crisis intervention is not a place to gossip, but rather a place to grow and heal.


As facilitators, we create an environment that allows meaningful discussion to occur. The outcomes of those discussions are entirely up to the participants. We will never insert an agenda or demand a particular outcome.