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"Conflict is inevitable, but negative outcomes

don't have to be."


In order to help your team, department, or organization avoid unnecessary conflict and move forward from inevitable conflict, you must understand how conflict influences you, those you work with, and how it impacts those you serve.


We set ourselves apart from other conflict strategy firms because we don't simply re-deploy typical conflict resolution practices that rely on scripted responses and masking feelings about how conflict really makes us feel and behave.


Our team of experts are former crisis interventionists and hostage negotiators who have experience walking through highly contentious and high-stakes encounters with individuals and groups, and have a proven track record of success. We bring the lessons learned in the field into the workplace.

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats including in-person or virtual, single-day or multi-day workshops, lunch and learns, or conference presentations.

Training and Workshop Topics May Include:

 Real Tact Model™:


Conflict for Teams

Bulletproof Rapport: Interpersonal



Influence and Persuasion 

Our Training and Workshops Have Helped Teams To:

  • Explore conflict styles of self and of others

  • Learn to most common triggers that lead to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding and the best practices to avoid them

  • Discover a tactical approach to conflict resolution

  • of team dynamics, self-awareness

  • Improve cross-functional communication and increase cohesion and trust between teams

  • Provide leaders, teams, and organizations with a proven framework for effective conflict mitigation

  • Reduce complaints of workplace harassment

  • Improve external stakeholder engagement

  • Improve employee and team morale

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