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Individual Leaders

Executive Leaders, CXO's, & Prospective Leaders

As a leader in conflict, both the things you say and the things that you fail to say can lead to significant consequences for you personally, and for your organization. Whether due to insecurity or arrogance, passivity or aggression, if you fail to find the balance between speaking in tension and speaking intention, you may cause conflict to escalate exponentially.

What's worse is that while we all attempt to navigate conflict the best way we know how to, we lack either the self-confidence, the self-awareness, or the self-control necessary to navigate conflict well. As a consequence, our mismanagement of conflict often leads to increased conflict and tension.


It's not your fault and you're not alone. In truth, most leaders have been ill-equipped and unprepared to navigate conflict. That is why they choose to gain insights from a subject matter expert - a conflict strategist - who has experience navigating various forms of conflict and is able to help them identify their own conflict style, behaviors, tendencies, and tolerances. 


From non-confrontational, conflict-averse leaders to toxic leaders who act as bullies in the boardroom, we can help. We provide a confidential process to design a development plan that will help any leader to improve their conflict competence, executive communication, and leadership effectiveness. 

We specialize in walking with leaders

who are navigating challenges due to:

Poor Communication

& Interpersonal Skills

High Conflict Personalities

Lost Trust and Employee Support

Sexual Misconduct

& Moral Failure

Inadequate Leadership Skills & Role Preparation

Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt

Unethical Decision Making

Allegations of Workplace Harrassment

Reputational Damage