The Real Tact Model™:

Understanding the 8

Malfunctions of Communication:

Here's some 'ish we don't do.

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I designed The Real Tact Model ™ to help leaders get honest about their communication challenges. As leaders struggle to transform company culture and fail to walk out their stated values, productivity suffers, profitability hangs in the balance, and low employee morale leads to constant attrition.


By helping leaders gain self-awareness around their own unique communication malfunctions that contribute to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding, we enable them to improve their interpersonal engagement and subsequently, the culture across their organizations.

We Don't Do Toxic Positivity
Traditional conflict resolution is birthed out of collaborative and cooperative environments but are then deployed into environments filled with contention and competition. That 'ish don't work. We don't pretend that conflict is enjoyable and we'll never call it an opportunity. It's an obstacle, it's uncomfortable, and it's stressful. We'll help you get past it.

We Don't Do Platitudes
The experts want you to embrace fruitless strategies to resolve conflict because you know... If at first you don't succeed... Ain't that some 'ish?

Truth: Time doesn't heal all wounds, most of us can't forgive and forget, and what doesn't kill you may not make you stronger. We're here to keep you honest.

We Don't Do Scripts
Popular conflict strategies revolve around walking through a rigid step-by-step process of memorizing scripts and then regurgitating them during high-stress moments. That 'ish don't work. It's hard to solve your conflict with someone else's playbook. We'll identify your triggers and design a conflict strategy specifically for you.

We Don't Do Egos

The other guys assume that all parties in conflict desire peace at some level, that they are reasonable and rational. That 'ish ain't true. We're not afraid to work with strong personalities, mavericks, malcontents, or belly-achers. What we don't do, however, is ego. No one is above reproach and we've all got room to grow. Humility is a virtue... and a requirement.



Here's the truth: Conflict is inevitable, but negative outcomes don't have to be. Heres how we can help:

We utilize a combination of tools and techniques to create a customized conflict strategy that helps executive leaders to:

  • Identify their own strengths and weakness as communicators

  • Repair their reputation and image among direct reports

  • Develop executive presence

  • Establish trust where it is lacking

  • Speak honestly and openly while minimizing conflict 

  • Better understand and be better understood by others

  • Speak with improved clarity and cast clearer vision


Training is available through a variety of formats including multi-day workshops, lunch and learns and seminars. 

  • Provide leaders, teams, and organizations with a framework for conflict mitigation

  • Reduce complaints of workplace harassment

  • Improve internal communication between teams and direct reports

  • Improve external stakeholder engagement

  • Increase cohesion and trust between teams


We serve as conflict advisors for leadership teams and boards, and provide expert guidance during critical conversations that will: 

  • Empower leaders to lead critical conversations with greater success

  • Develop solid conflict response plans to mitigate future challenges

  • Improve team dynamics and morale among staff

  • Shape and grow organizational culture and health