Houses of Worship & Faith-Based Organizations

We're All Full of 'ish.

Unfortunately, foolish behavior, selfishness, diminished productivity, and squeamish conversations all take place in churches and faith-based organizations every day.


While that truth may be hard to accept, the evidence suggests that conflict and crisis management are just as relevant for ministry leaders as it is for everyone else.

33% of Pastors

The number of evangelical pastors who admitted to sexual misconduct and were not caught

10% of Young Adults

The number of church attenders who left the church due to mishandled abuse allegations

60% of a Congregation

How many people in a congregation who have experienced clergy abuse

Church Hurt is Real.

So Is Church Help.

When an organization's blueprint is designed around service, sacrifice, forgiveness, and reconciliation, leaders may adopt an unhealthy belief that holding others responsible and accountable for their poor actions and behavior is somehow unkind or unreasonable.


When conflict and sexual misconduct do arise, it is ignored, unchallenged, suppressed, or mishandled as leaders adopt a position of denial, secrecy, or complacency that allows conflict to build unchecked until it becomes untenable.

How We Can Help

We come alongside faith-based organizations and help them get honest about the conflict and misconduct they are experiencing. Whether challenged with individual behavioral issues or ongoing conflict challenges, we partner with faith leaders to effectively root out and put an end to conflict and misconduct.


From small to large and from new church plants to megachurches, we have hands-on executive pastoral experience navigating sensitive issues and we understand the delicate work necessary to restore those who have fallen, reconcile broken relationships, and get people re-engaged in the work of the ministry.