Image by Izzie Renee

Faith-Based Organizations

Churches, Houses of Worship, Non-Profit

Faith-based organizations experience particularly complex forms of conflict that may lead to frustration that can extend far beyond boardrooms and back offices.

When an organization's blueprint is designed around service, sacrifice, forgiveness, and reconciliation, leaders may adopt an unhealthy belief that holding others responsible and accountable for their poor actions and behavior is somehow unkind or unreasonable.


When conflict does arise, it is ignored, unchallenged, suppressed, or downplayed, as leaders may adopt a position of denial that allows conflict to build unchecked until it becomes untenable. 

Left unchecked, this may cause leadership teams to fracture and attrition to rise, costing organizations precious time and essential dollars while also holding the organization back from pursuing its true faith-based mission.

How We Help

We come alongside faith-based organizations and help them get honest about conflict. From small to large and from new church plants to megachurches, our team has hands-on executive leadership experience in church, tasked with developing healthy systems and responses to conflict. ​