Team and Group Coaching

"Conflict is inevitable but negative outcomes

don't have to be."


In order to help your team or group avoid unnecessary conflict and move forward through conflict that is unavoidable, you must understand how conflict influences you, those you work with, and how it impacts those you serve.


Multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, and matrixed teams frequently struggle to effectively navigate conflict. Whether it's due to the complexities of an organization's structure, poorly established job descriptions and lanes of responsibility, underprepared leaders, ineffective communication, high conflict personalities, competing objectives, or an unestablished vision, the inability of leadership to navigate these problems will inevitably lead to strained relationships, losses of revenue, productivity decline, downstream mismanagement, and more.

Our interdisciplinary knowledge spans education, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government, technology, food and beverage, and legal. Whether through single session engagement or long-term developmental engagements, we'll provide expert guidance while helping your high-potential, low-performing team grow and improve together.

Group Topics May Focus On:

 Conflict Communication

 for Teams

New Leader Assimilation

Misaligned Mission, Vision, Values

Our Team and Group Sessions Have Helped Teams To:

  • Identify root causes of conflict and find solutions to overcome it

  • Onboard, establish relationships, and set expectations between leaders and their team of direct reports

  • Explore and understand conflict styles of self and of others

  • Learn to most common triggers that lead to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding and the best practices to avoid them

  • Improve cross-functional communication and increase cohesion and trust between teams

  • Provide leaders their teams with a proven framework for effective conflict mitigation

  • Reduce complaints of workplace harassment

  • Improve external stakeholder engagement

  • Improve employee and team morale

Conflict Resolution

conflict management