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Establish the plan.

Accomplish the goal.

Distinguish Yourself.

Stressed Man

Individual Leaders

Most leaders are hired for competence and retained for character. When a leader's character comes into question, however, retaining them becomes a source of conflict.

We all have 'ish-yous: the 'ish that you bring into an organization that leads to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding. Given the right circumstances, the right pressure, or the right stressors, we may all resort to foolishness, selfishness, or otherwise problematic behavior.

What's worse is that leaders often fail to recognize that they are the greatest source of conflict within their teams and organizations.


That is why many leaders choose to gain insight from someone who has experience navigating behavior issues and is able to help them identify their own conflict style, behaviors, tendencies, and tolerances. 

You may not just have an issue.

You may have an 'ish-you.

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

We specialize in walking with leaders

who are navigating challenges due to:

Sexual Misconduct

& Moral Failure

High Conflict Personalities

Lost Trust and Employee Support

Poor Communication

& Interpersonal Skills

Allegations of Workplace Harrassment

Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt

Unethical Decision Making

Inadequate Leadership Skills & Role Preparation

Reputational Damage

'ish-yous are all of the 'ish you bring into an organization that causes conflict, tension, and misunderstanding.

Does any of this 'ish sound familiar?

  • You've said or done foolish things that caused your character to come into question.

  • You skirmish, you argue, you complain, and you gossip.

  • Your productivity has diminished... as has the morale of the people you lead.

  • You fantasize about ways to vanish from work.

  • You've allowed your hellish attitude to come out more than a few times. 

  • Stacks of unfinished business have become the norm & you've come to accept it.

  • You brandish power & threats in order to get employees engaged.