How Can We Help With Your 'ish?

The very nature of nonprofit work is service above self. For many, the journey is long, lonely, and comes at a heavy cost. Stress, overwhelm & overwork, limited funding and resources, tight deadlines, public scrutiny, and a lack of good help all contribute to nonprofit organizations being catalysts for conflict and disputes. 


Conflictish has deep knowledge and experience providing problem-solving and conflict resolution strategies to nonprofit volunteers, teams, executive leaders, and their boards. We understand firsthand the unique organizational challenges that are unique to nonprofit organizations and provide training, coaching, & consulting services that are purpose-built just for them.

Image by Tom Caillarec

It Gets Better.

Nonprofit organizations are melting pots of people from differing socio-economic, racial, generational, educational, and professional backgrounds. While team diversity has been proven to lead to powerful opportunities for collaboration and innovation, it can also contribute to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding.


Nonprofit leaders must be able to cast a clear vision and communicate effectively in order to mobilize and organize diverse teams toward accomplishing common goals and fulfilling a shared mission.

When a lack of alignment, competition for resources, differing opinions, and competing personalities give rise to conflict, having an appropriate response strategy to bring people back together is critical.

How We Can Help

We will work with your nonprofit to identify underlying sources of conflict within your organization and provide you with a bespoke conflict strategy that will enable you to move past conflict and get back to the business of serving those you care about.

Navigating a sensitive conflict issue?