Trash Picking

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit and Mission-Based Organizations

Nonprofit and service-oriented organizations typically lack funding to innovate and lack a robust, experienced leadership team necessary to manage and delegate tasks that ensure the organization accomplishes its objectives.

That means these organizations rely on a lean staff model, supplemented by volunteers, to leverage inferior systems and processes that are cost-effective, but not operationally efficient. This often leads to overwork, overwhelm, and feelings of resentment.

The combination of inexperienced and limited staff, plus a lack of innovation and financial agility, means that non-profit organizations are primed to experience high levels of conflict on an ongoing basis.


What's worse, in an effort to mitigate the high costs and effort required to recruit and train new leaders, non-profits are more likely than their for-profit counterparts to retain underperforming and contentious leaders.

How We Help

We will work with your nonprofit to identify underlying sources of conflict within your organization and provide you with a bespoke conflict strategy that will enable you to move past conflict, and get back to the business of serving those you care about.