This is our 'ish right here!

When it comes to conflict strategy and design, we see conflict through three specific lenses.



Communication conflict exists as a result of poor communication practices, message development, message clarity, message delivery, and a lack of confidence and leadership presence.





Interpersonal conflict exists as a result of bad behavior, personality clashes, opposing values, ethics, personal beliefs, strained relationships, and culture.

Organizational conflict exists as a result of poor operational processes, policy & political challenges, limited resources, time and money, and industry or task-specific conflict.

Here's how we get 'ish done!


We serve your organization in an advisory role. As a supplement to your leadership team, we assess your current organizational conflict to provide guidance and recommendations on necessary interventions & policy changes.

Training & Workshops

By deploying our own conflict framework, strategies for conflict avoidance, mitigation, and resolution are shared with teams and groups by way of group training, lunch and learns, workshops, or conferences.



Individual conflict competencies and tendencies are assessed, allowing participants to be coached on how to improve their response to conflict, reconcile relationships, & improve executive presence leading to empowered teams and healthier organizations.