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Sexual Misconduct Experts You Can Trust.

What Has Misconduct Cost You?

$2.1B in Losses

How much capital U.S. businesses lose each year to sexual harassment

$600,000 in Awards

The average amount awarded to individual victims of workplace harassment & abuse by juries

85% of Women

How many women will experience workplace sexual harassment over their careers

Whether you require guidance for an existing matter or you are looking for direction to carve a clear path forward following a sexual misconduct incident, we have the expertise to support and guide you through it all.

Image by Sumaid pal Singh Bakshi

We Are Your Trusted Sexual Misconduct Experts 

Sexual misconduct comes in a variety of forms, and it can have varying degrees of organizational and personnel impact. Even minor misconduct issues can cause complex problems that can't be addressed with a quick fix.


Effectively navigating the fallout requires guidance and support from experts who can provide comprehensive strategies to solve these complex problems.

Our team has years of experience responding to allegations of sexual misconduct and helping organizations reorient themselves during and after an incident has occurred.

A Clear Path for Restoration

When a leader's conduct merits an opportunity for growth and restoration, they will require the right support to regain trust, address their behavior, and improve their standing across the organization.


We will come alongside you and your leadership team to develop a responsive accountability plan to help your leader along their path to restoration. Our confidential, restorative leadership process provides a clear blueprint for growth &accountability to best position clients to regain standing across their organizations.


Preventative Training and Development

Effectively mitigating sexual misconduct within an organization is not just a rules and compliance issue; it is a culture issue.


We offer customized training and development programs that specifically equip leaders and teams to shape their policies, practices, and culture can vary in length and depth, depending on the need of the organization. Additionally, they can be delivered in a variety of formats including workshops, lunch and learns, conferences, or small group trainings.

If you are navigating sexual misconduct, we can help.

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