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Ryan Marshall Dunlap

Conflict Strategist | Former Hostage Negotiator | Speaker | Coach

Let's Talk About It!

"Incredibly compelling stories, refreshingly practical lessons!"

Ryan Dunlap is a former hostage negotiator turned conflict strategist who leverages 20 years of high-stakes conflict experiences to deliver dynamic and memorable keynotes to audiences of all makeups.


Ryan is a storyteller at heart, but he doesn't just tell stories. Instead, he invites his audience into his stories, pulling back the curtain on real-life examples of crisis intervention, hostage negotiation, and organizational crisis management in order to give attendees an up close and personal look at crisis communication and effective conflict management, the way the experts do it!


His interactive stories leave attendees in awe and inspired as he turns lessons learned into practical wisdom that audience members can deploy in their own organizations immediately in order to build bulletproof rapport, improve their leadership presence, and persevere through difficult circumstances.

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Signature Keynote

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The Real Tact Model™:  Increase Your Conflict Competency

We're all full of 'ish, it's true! Given the right circumstances, the right amount of pressure, or the right stressors, we may all resort to foolishness, selfishness, or otherwise problematic behavior that can cause our character to come into question.

Being an effective communicator is all about how you show up when things blow up, and that means developing and honing your conflict competency. It means knowing yourself honestly and recognizing how and when you are most likely to say and do some 'ish you aren't proud of.


In this talk, Ryan helps audiences improve their conflict IQ and introduces them to The Real Tact Model™, a framework he designed to help leaders get honest with themselves about their own leadership and communication challenges that contribute to conflict and tension in their teams and organizations. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to deliver an ideal message in less than ideal circumstances by improving their own messenger development & message delivery.

  • How to lay the groundwork for building healthy & sustainable relationships.

  • The 3 leadership deficiencies that fuel conflict, tension, and misunderstanding.

  • The 8 most common ways we invite conflict during interpersonal interactions, and how to stop it! 

 "From the moment he started speaking, he had the audience’s attention and an immediate connection!"

- J. Rauser - President, Diversified Legal Services, Inc

Other In-Demand Keynote Topics 

Conflict Leadership: When Everyone Else is Full of 'ish

Research reveals that seven out of ten employees (70%) believe that managing conflict is an important skill for leaders to have. Unfortunately, many leaders have never been adequately trained in conflict resolution. Perhaps this is why conflict costs US companies $359B per year collectively. 

In this talk, Ryan shares his incredible experiences of navigating high-stress conflict as a former SWAT hostage negotiator and crisis interventionist in order to give leaders a practical grasp for conflict resolution based on tested practices used by tactical experts. Additionally, he addresses the common myths and misperceptions about the conflict resolution process that keeps leaders stuck, and uncovers powerful strategies to move conflict from contentious to consensus.

Freaky & Faithful: Navigating Hard Conversations About Sex in Church

For ministry leaders and believers alike, conversations around sex and sexuality can be one of the most challenging to have. Internally, faith-based organizations struggle to navigate sexual misconduct, mandated reporting, and intimacy conversations among those young and old. Externally, they wrestle with keeping traditional values relevant in an increasingly untraditional world.


In this talk, Ryan leverages his unique and deep experiences as a former SVU detective and executive pastor to provide in-depth knowledge to churches on how to navigate these sensitive conversations comfortably, confidently, and competently.

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