Resolve Workplace Conflict.

What Has Conflict Cost You?

Avoid The Cost of Conflict

We provide leaders with the guidance and support they need to tactfully address conflicts within their teams and organizations. Having the help of a skilled third-party neutral who can help them to address conflict can minimize the potentially high costs of mismanaging conflict alone.

$359B in Lost Productivity

How much businesses lose each year due to ongoing conflict

2.8 hrs per Workday

How much time employees lose on the clock to workplace conflict

25% Lost Availability

How much time employees spend away from work due to workplace conflict

Conflict Resolution That Works 

We recognize that conflict is complex and ever-changing. That is why we help leaders adopt responsive strategies for conflict resolution that give them the flexibility to make adjustments and pivot as conflict evolves, instead of locking them into stagnant strategies that keep them boxed into a step-by-step process that may not fit their unique needs.

Our approach to conflict resolution combines the best practices from a variety of specialized conflict frameworks including ICISF Individual & Group crisis intervention, ICISF Pastoral Crisis Intervention, Hostage Negotiation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation.


This multidisciplinary approach gives our clients access to a well-rounded conflict framework that can then be referenced and deployed to address any type of conflict, big or small.

Why Traditional Conflict Resolution Fails

Traditional conflict resolution strategies require parties in conflict to be reasonable, rational and desiring of peace. In many conflicts, however, parties become unreasonable & irrational, more desirous of justice than peace.

Further, traditional conflict resolution strategies rely on antiquated strategies that emphasize scripted responses to unscripted behavior. These strategies work well on paper, but not always in practice.

Our approach to conflict resolution avoids scripts and cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, our experts begin by diving deep into intrapersonal conflicts for individual parties and building their individual conflict competence.


After individual conflict coaching takes place, then a safe environment is provided for those in conflict to have constructive conversations that lead to a consensus despite contention.

If you are navigating sensitive workplace conflict, we can help.