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About Us

What distinguishes us from

all the other conflict gurus?

Our Why

We exist to make conflict less taboo.

Our Who

Founded by conflict strategist and former hostage negotiator Ryan Dunlap, Conflictish™ is a conflict strategy consultancy that specializes in helping leaders prevent, respond to, and overcome conflict and crisis issues in their organizations.

Our Mission

To help leaders & organizations get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
We are driven by developing easier, more accessible ways to manage
conflict by empowering teams and leaders with the necessary tools &
resources they need to own the conversation.

Our Approach

Conflictish™ approaches conflict & crisis resolution with an individual-first
model that incorporates our proprietary framework - The Real Tact Model™ - to provide
comprehensive solutions in achieving conflict-competence.

Our Values

We Believe in Relationships, Above all Else
Preserving and reconciling people are at the heart of everything we do and the lifeblood of our business.

We Have Compassion For All
We are driven by empathy and a welcoming spirit to promote kindness and understanding.

We Do What's Right, Not What's Easy
We lead with integrity and strive to engender trust in everyone we encounter through a radical approach to honesty & transparency.

Meet Our Founder

Ryan M. Dunlap

Founder and Chief Conflict Officer

"After consistently watching leaders struggle to navigate conflict and crisis, I sought to develop a solution that would equip others with the skills and strategies necessary to prevent, manage, and resolve conflict within themselves, their teams, and across their organizations.

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