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What distinguishes us from

all the other conflict gurus?

About Us

Before becoming a SWAT Hostage Negotiator, our founder and Chief Conflict Officer, Ryan Dunlap, was asked a pivotal question by another negotiator. "What are you most likely to do under pressure that will cause a bad situation to become worse? How are you most likely to get someone killed?"

That question became central to our coaching and training programs and inspired the most important question we ask leaders in our programs; how are you most likely to hurt someone in your care?

With a focus on intrapersonal conflict management and personal accountability, our individual-first process of addressing conflict within individuals is designed around one truth; our ability to resolve high-stakes conflicts with others hinges on our ability to regulate our own emotions and behaviors under pressure.

Informed by countless high-stakes interrogations, negotiations, and interventions, we impart proven strategies to leaders looking to make more informed decisions under pressure and improve how they lead themselves and others through conflict.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to help leaders get their 'ish together. From tarnished rapport to hellish attitudes to selfish behavior, we are committed to helping leaders build safe and responsive organizations and lead incredibly connected teams by building their conflict competency.

Meet The Team

Ryan Dunlap Headshot

Ryan Dunlap
Founder | Chief Conflict Officer

Lincoln Brown Headshot

Lincoln Brown
Conflict & Leadership Development Coach

Alicia Dunlap Headshot

Alicia Dunlap
Online Community Manager

Cindy Roque Headshot

Cindy Roque
Business Development Coordinator

Ryan Dunlap Headshot

Ryan Dunlap
Founder &
Chief Conflict Officer

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UB Leadership Certification
Hogan Assessments Certification
Cloverleaf Certification Badge Enneagram

With more than 20 years of combined law enforcement, ministry, and executive leadership experience, Ryan Dunlap is a highly sought-after expert in complex conflict and crisis. To date, he has navigated conflict with stakeholders around the globe in a number of industries including government, biotech, pharmaceutical, higher education, non-profit, commercial construction, food & beverage, and more.

Professional Highlights:

  • Certified Leadership Coach & Enneagram Coach

  • ​Former Detective; Special Victims, Burglary, Gang Intelligence

  • Certified Law Enforcement Instructor & Field Training Officer

  • SWAT Hostage Negotiator & Crisis Intervention Officer

  • ICISF Individual and Group Crisis Intervention Facilitator

  • Critical Incident Stress Management Facilitator

  • Trained Mediator, Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Executive Director, Street Grace Anti-human Trafficking

  • Executive Pastor, Victory Church & City Light Church

  • State task force appointments to Georgia Sexual Assault Response Team State Expert Committee & Tennessee Human Trafficking Advisory Council

Lincoln Brown Headshot

Lincoln Brown
Conflict & Leadership Development Coach

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Hogan Assessments Certification
Talent Optimization Certification
Cloverleaf Certification Badge Disc

Lincoln Brown comes to Conflictish® with more than 2 decades of combined law enforcement and executive leadership experience, leveraging his diverse training and experience as a communicator, negotiator, and trainer to equip and empower leaders to overcome critical conflicts within themselves that might negatively impact them, their teams, and their organizations.

Professional Highlights:

  • Certified Talent Optimization Leader, Predictive Index

  • Certified DiSC Coach

  • ​Former Detective, SWAT Hostage Negotiator & Crisis Intervention Officer

  • Certified Field Training Officer

  • Vice President of Client Services, Chronovo

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