What distinguishes us from

all the other conflict gurus?

"Conflict is dynamic and complex. Our approach to resolving it should be as well."


Conflictish is a conflict strategy consultancy that specializes in helping leaders and teams navigate all the 'ish that comes with conflict. From tarnished rapport to hellish attitudes to sluggish performance, we help leaders get ‘ish done. 

Our Why

The conflict resolution industry is rigid, unimaginative, and tedious. Many conflict resolution experts utilize antiquated methodologies that are rooted in research, but not in reality. Popular processes that read well on paper become impossible to effectively deploy against the realities of organizational politics, culture, and irrational belief systems, among other 'ish.

We sought to develop a well-rounded process that helps leaders navigate conflict that's unpredictable, with people who are irrational, unreasonable, and don't desire peace. We purposefully depart from the mundane exercise of encouraging leaders to embrace conflict without giving them the tools to determine whether or not what they are embracing is harmful.



Founded by a decorated law enforcement veteran and former hostage negotiator, our conflict methodology is birthed out of real-world, dynamic experiences and lessons learned from hostage negotiation, high-stakes interrogations, and crisis intervention. 

By combining the principles of corporate strategic communication and academic research with the techniques used in high-stakes interrogations and negotiations, we provide our clients with a unique, tactical advantage over conflict.