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Ryan Marshall Dunlap

Conflict Strategist | Former Hostage Negotiator | Speaker | Coach

Let's Talk About It!

"Incredibly compelling stories, refreshingly practical lessons!"

Ryan Dunlap is a former hostage negotiator turned conflict strategist who leverages 20 years of high-stakes conflict experiences to deliver dynamic and memorable keynotes to audiences of all makeups.


Ryan is a storyteller at heart, but he doesn't just tell stories. Instead, he invites his audience into his stories, pulling back the curtain on real-life examples of crisis intervention, hostage negotiation, and organizational crisis management in order to give attendees an up close and personal look at crisis communication and effective conflict management, the way the experts do it!


His interactive stories leave attendees in awe and inspired as he turns lessons learned into practical wisdom that audience members can deploy in their own organizations immediately in order to build bulletproof rapport, improve their leadership presence, and persevere through difficult circumstances.

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Some of Our Clients

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Signature Keynotes

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Real Tact Leadership

What is the secret to building deep self-awareness, unshakeable self-confidence, and unimpeachable self-control in times of conflict? What are the primary skills a leader must possess in order to positively influence others to work through conflict and push through adversity?

Using stories and lessons from high-stakes interrogations & negotiations, this keynote will introduce audiences to the Real Tact Model™ and uncover the key competencies and skills every leader should have in order to demonstrate Real Tact Leadership.

How To Deliver an Ideal Message In Less Than Ideal Circumstances

In the face of conflict, adversity, and uncertainty, leaders are expected to lead courageously and communicate competently. Failing to do so can quickly cause conflict to escalate into a crisis. When the message is the difference between success and failure, the messenger has to be ready to deliver.

This keynote will introduce attendees to practical strategies for delivering an ideal message in less-than-ideal circumstances by way of real-world lessons learned from a former hostage negotiator and crisis intervention officer.

"From the moment he started speaking, he had the audience’s attention and an immediate connection!"

- J. Rauser - President, Diversified Legal Services, Inc

What People Love About Ryan!

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