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Executive & Team Coaching

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

Can We Help You Get Your 'ish Together?

We provide a confidential coaching process that empowers leaders to move conflict forward confidently & competently. 

Executive Coaching

Structured 1-on-1 coaching sessions for individual leaders.

Team Coaching

Facilitated small group coaching sessions for teams.


Grow your self-awareness & leadership effectiveness.

Build your self-confidence.


Master discipline & self-control during conflict.


Executive Coaching for Leaders

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

 Whether you are looking for skills to help you resolve conflict between others or you are committing to address your own conflict-causing behavior, 1-on-1 coaching provides personalized support & feedback that can accelerate your growth & help you accomplish your goals.

Our Process

Phase 1:


Phase 2:


Phase 3:


Gain self-awareness as you explore your conflict tendencies, tolerances, and preferences through psychometric assessments (360's, Leadership Assessments, Enneagram) and behavior analysis.

Build your conflict confidence as we partner with you to develop a personalized plan for growth using our proprietary coaching framework for conflict competency, The Real Tact Model™.

Execute your growth plan & refine your conflict management skills through structured coaching & feedback sessions.

Executive Conflict Coaching Can Help You Navigate Difficult Conversations Around A Number of Challenges to Include:

Sexual Misconduct

& Moral Failure

Poor Communication

& Interpersonal Skills

Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt

High Conflict Personality & Workplace Bullying

Lost Trust and Employee Support

Unethical Decision Making

Inadequate Leadership Performance

Reputational Damage

Allegations of Workplace Harassment

Executive Coaching for Teams

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


Team coaching provides small groups of professionals with the foundational tools necessary to grow their conflict competency while improving team dynamics. Through engaging sessions that foster mutual accountability, groups learn together & grow together, building connections, deepening trust, & sharpening their interpersonal skills.

Group Topics May Focus On:

 Conflict Communication

 for Teams

Recovering & Reconnecting After Leadership Transition

Misaligned Mission, Vision, Values

Our Team and Group Sessions Have Helped Teams To:

  • Identify root causes of conflict and find solutions to overcome it

  • Find stability after a leadership transition

  • Onboard, establish relationships, and set expectations between a new leader and their direct reports

  • Explore and understand conflict styles of self and of others

  • Improve cross-functional communication and increase cohesion and trust between teams

  • Provide leaders and their teams with a proven framework for effective conflict mitigation

  • Reduce complaints of workplace harassment

  • Improve external stakeholder engagement

  • Improve employee and team morale

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


Our Coaching Philosophy

We know that overcoming conflict can feel overwhelming, but with the right partner and process in place, even the most challenging issues can be overcome. 


Before conflict can be resolved between parties, it has to first be addressed at the individual level. That is why our approach to conflict resolution begins by first helping clients to gain self-awareness around their own unique behaviors that contribute to conflict, tension, and misunderstanding. We do this through the use of validated psychometric assessments (DiSC, Enneagram, MBTI, and 360 surveys) and our custom conflict framework.


By helping individuals to see themselves more clearly, it enables them to improve their leadership effectiveness & interpersonal engagement, allowing them to step into the conflict resolution process more effectively. 

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


Ready to Grow Your Leadership?

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