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Real Tact Model

Building Conflict-Competent Leaders

We Are All Full of 'ish.

The Real Tact Model™ is a framework that is designed to help leaders grow their conflict presence.

It provides leaders with a practical framework to better understand how their own levels of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control can influence how they show up and affect others.

Our Model

Demonstrating a strong conflict presence requires a healthy balance of self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control.

Conflict-competent leaders have a deeper understanding of how their communication, conduct, and character can be used to positively prevent, manage, and resolve conflict.

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 Balance requires mastery of 8 skills that allow a leader to show up to conflict effectively.

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All of our programs are centered around our custom conflict framework, The Real Tact Model™.

What makes The Real Tact Model™ unique is its multidisciplinary design that combines principles of strategic communication and academic research with trauma-informed practices, and the best practices of hostage negotiations, high-stakes interrogations, and crisis intervention. This multi-disciplinary approach provides leaders with a well-rounded framework for becoming conflict-competent.

CONFLICT presence
Messenger Development

A failure of reputation, relationship and resource.


A failure of behavior, to effectively connect or disconnect.


A failure to find or establish a clear direction, to cast vision, or meet expectations.


A failure to preserve character, maintain composure, and balance control.


A failure of to create psychological safety for others.


A failure to discern the differences in hearing, listening, understanding, and agreeing.


A failure of inclusion and interpersonal



A failure to communicate and act in a timely manner.

You've Got 'ish to do!

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. You can't resolve conflict with others until you learn to resolve the conflict within yourself.

Given the right circumstances, environmental conditions, pressures, external factors, or triggers, we all have the potential to do and say some 'ish that might feed conflict, even when we intend to resolve it.


The Real Tact Model ™ was created with this truth in mind. By helping leaders to gain self-awareness, confidence, and control for themselves, they are able to improve how they show up & positively influence others to work through conflict.

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