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We don't simply deploy mundane lecture-style presentations. Instead, we present dynamic, interactive training events that energize and inspire audiences, giving them practical knowledge that will transform them and their organizations.


From large to small organizations, we have a customizable solution for you. Each training and workshop can be specially tailored for your needs and delivered in a variety of formats including in-person or virtual, single-day or multi-day workshops, lunch and learns, or conference presentations.

Conflict Resolution for Leaders

Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace

Resolving Intrapersonal Conflcit


Conflict Resolution for Leaders

Research reveals that leaders spend up to 25% of their time at work responding to conflict among their direct reports, yet most report that they have not been trained in conflict resolution or lack the confidence to do it well.


Conflict resolution training provides leaders with a proven framework for effective conflict identification, resolution, and mitigation that will reduce incidents of workplace conflict and improve employee engagement, team morale, and organizational culture.


Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

in the Workplace:

Some misconduct takes place in the workplace while other misconduct takes place off the clock and spills into the office. Regardless of the form or source, workplace misconduct costs U.S. organizations an estimated $20B annually, and that is in addition to reputational, emotional, and credibility costs. 


This prepares leaders to effectively address sexual misconduct, abuse, and harassment in their organizations. Our trauma-informed presentations contain practical and actionable information that equips attendees to recognize the signs of various forms of misconduct and to effectively respond to incidents of misconduct.

Resolving Intrapersonal Conflict

What if you could put down the conflict you carry? What if your team could overcome the personal stress, self-doubt, and insecurity inside them that's holding them back from their fullest potential?


This training is all about recognizing and defeating burnout, low motivation, disengagement, and decreased performance that negatively impacts you as an individual and how you function within an organization.


What Our Clients Love About Us

"Ryan Dunlap spoke at our conference and he was phenomenal! He tailored his message for our group and it was extremely helpful information for our profession. He is an excellent communicator and provided relatable examples. Several people who attended stated that he was one of the best speakers we have ever had!" 

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


- E. Smith - Pre-Certification Training Instructor

Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers

"Ryan has an uncanny ability to take a complex issue and make it palatable for individual consumption.  He can talk to a group of five-year-olds or the most seasoned academic, keep them engaged, and never lose the point of his message.  Ryan has the knowledge, skill and experience of law enforcement to back up what he’s saying, combined with the compassion to deal with and discuss uncomfortable subjects."

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


- A. Carruthers, CMP - Events Director and Strategist

"We had the distinguished honor of having Ryan speak at our recent continuing education seminar.  From the moment he started speaking he had the audience’s attention and an immediate connection.  He imparted humor, his own life experiences and his years of specialized training to give us the tools necessary to handle situations and interactions with others.  I would highly recommend Ryan Dunlap to speak at your next event, you will not regret it!"

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


 - J. Rauser - President

Diversified Legal Services, Inc.

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