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What Kind of Ish Are You Dealing With?

Assess & learn from past conflict. Lead well during current conflict. Establish a clear plan to minimize future conflict.

We don't simply deploy mundane lecture-style presentations. Instead, we present dynamic, interactive training events that energize and inspire audiences, giving them practical knowledge that will transform them and their organizations.


From large to small organizations, we have a customizable solution for you. Each training and workshop can be specially tailored for your needs and delivered in a variety of formats including in-person or virtual, single-day or multi-day workshops, lunch and learns, or conference presentations.

Board Meeting

Real Tact Leadership



Conducted in-person or virtually

Conflict-competent leaders have a deeper understanding of how their communication, conduct, and character can positively or negatively impact how they lead others.

This workshop provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate workplace conflict by introducing them to our proprietary conflict framework, The Real Tact Model®.


This interdisciplinary model combines the best practices of conflict management with the best practices of hostage negotiations used in high-stakes negotiations around the world. 


By blending the best of both corporate and crisis management principles together, this one-of-a-kind training will help leaders improve their conflict presence & grow their conflict competence, thereby improving how they lead themselves and others through conflict and adversity.

Key Takeaways & Learning Objectives:

Develop leadership presence by improving communication through tension & presence under fire:

  • Explore the 3-Pillars of the Real Tact Model® and how to use them to improve conflict competence

  • Recognize how gaps in conflict competence can lead to Blind, Emotional, and Unpredictable Leadership styles

  • Unpack the 8 key skills in the Real Tact Model® that every leader needs to know in order to navigate conflict well

  • Attendees will gain confidence, courage, and competence to lead uncomfortable conversations

Business Meeting

Conflict Management


2-Hour or 4-Hour Option

Conducted in-person or virtually

In business, time is money. Unfortunately, conflict and misconduct waste time and cost money.


Research reveals that leaders spend up to 25% of their time at work responding to conflict among their direct reports. Additionally, conflict costs U.S.-based organizations an estimated $359 per year in lost productivity.

Yet, most leaders report that they have not been effectively trained to respond to conflict or they lack the confidence to do it well.

This training will equip leaders with the skills and confidence necessary to manage conflict, effectively reduce incidents of future workplace conflict, and improve employee engagement and organizational culture.

Key Takeaways & Learning Objectives:

Develop the effective leadership & communication skills necessary to lead diverse groups of stakeholders while championing a culturally competent organization:

  • Gain a baseline of understanding for conflict management best practices

  • Explore and understand conflict styles of self and of others

  • Improve cross-functional team communication, trust, and cohesion

  • Discover how personal habits, biases, and filters contribute to workplace conflict

  • Uncover proven methods and processes for conflict identification, resolution, and mitigation

Meeting at the office

Talking Ish: A Conflict Communication Workshop

2-Hour or 4-Hour Option

Conducted in-person or virtually

At its core, conflict is a communication problem, and that communication problem can come as a result of verbal or nonverbal communication breakdowns. Under pressure, we may all say some 'ish that can introduce conflict or make it significantly worse. 

Though communication is referred to as a soft skill, it remains quite a complex skill to master.

This workshop takes attendees into the mind of a hostage negotiator and exposes them to the dynamic art of conflict communication. Attendees will learn to identify the squeamish conversations, foolish statements, and bullish language that contribute to conflict in the workplace

Key Takeaways & Learning Objectives:

Develop the communication skills necessary to deliver an ideal message in less-than-ideal circumstances:

  • Uncover proven techniques & strategies to establish instant rapport with anyone

  • Discover how to interpret body language and how to draw out unspoken thoughts

  • Learn to decode communication by simplifying the complexities of kinesics, proxemics, paralinguistics, & heuristics

  • Learn our four-step process for effective listening during conflict

  • Build the confidence and courage to speak up during contentious conversations

"Ryan Dunlap spoke at our conference and he was phenomenal! He tailored his message for our group and it was extremely helpful information for our profession. He is an excellent communicator and provided relatable examples. Several people who attended stated that he was one of the best speakers we have ever had!" 

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


- E. Smith - Pre-Certification Training Instructor

Georgia Association of Professional Process Servers

"Ryan has an uncanny ability to take a complex issue and make it palatable for individual consumption.  He can talk to a group of five-year-olds or the most seasoned academic, keep them engaged, and never lose the point of his message.  Ryan has the knowledge, skill and experience of law enforcement to back up what he’s saying, combined with the compassion to deal with and discuss uncomfortable subjects."

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


- A. Carruthers, CMP - Events Director and Strategist

"We had the distinguished honor of having Ryan speak at our recent continuing education seminar.  From the moment he started speaking he had the audience’s attention and an immediate connection.  He imparted humor, his own life experiences and his years of specialized training to give us the tools necessary to handle situations and interactions with others.  I would highly recommend Ryan Dunlap to speak at your next event, you will not regret it!"

Conflict Resolution

conflict management


 - J. Rauser - President

Diversified Legal Services, Inc.

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