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We help leaders navigate all the 'ish that comes with conflict.

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

Conflictish is a conflict strategy consultancy, specializing in helping leaders and teams navigate all the 'ish that comes with conflict. From tarnished rapport to hellish attitudes to sluggish performance, we help leaders get ‘ish done. 

We understand that conflict is dynamic and complex which is why our interdisciplinary conflict resolution model combines corporate strategic communication and academic research with the best practices of hostage negotiation and crisis intervention to give leaders a tactical advantage over conflict.

Not Your Average 'ish.

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

What kind of 'ish are you dealing with?

Tarnished Rapport and Hellish Attitudes?



Sluggish performance and Diminished Productivity?



Childish Behavior and

Staff Skirmishes?



We're all full of 'ish.

You're not alone.

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

Does any of this 'ish sound familiar?

  • You and your team members skirmish. You argue, you complain, and you gossip.

  • Productivity and revenues have diminished... as has company culture and morale.

  • You fantasize about ways to vanish from work (or how to make others vanish).

  • You've allowed your hellish attitude to come out more than a few times. 

  • Stacks of unfinished business have become the norm & you've come to accept it.

  • Organizational leaders brandish power & threats in order to get employees engaged.

We can help you with all that 'ish.


We work with leaders who need help

overcoming conflict.

It's true! If your workplace culture is booming and the teams you lead look like the folks in this picture, then you don't need us.


Chances are, however, that you are dealing with unresolved conflict within your organization that is leading to foolish behavior, diminished productivity, and vanishing profits. And the worst part? Research tells us that leaders (that's you) are often complicit. 


If you're struggling to lead well and your organization is drowning under the weight of conflict, tension, and misunderstanding... We can help you with all that ish!

Image by Stephen Cook

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