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Conflict Resolution

conflict management

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Workplace Conflict and Sexual Misconduct Consultants

Conflictish is a conflict strategy consultancy dedicated to helping problematic leaders get their 'ish together. From tarnished rapport to squeamish behavior, we can help with all that 'ish. As experts in workplace conflict and sexual misconduct, we help leaders to recognize, reset, and recover from problematic behavior that has or is likely to negatively impact them and their organizations.

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Not Your Average 'ish.

Conflict Resolution

conflict management

What kind of 'ish are you dealing with?

Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Mental anguish, power being brandished, and retaliatory punishments?

 Sexual Misconduct & Harassment

Foolish behavior, squeamish conversations, and 

boundaries that vanish?

Interpersonal Conflict

Diminished relationships, sluggish performance, and unfinished business?

What Does Conflict and Sexual Misconduct Look Like In Your Organization?

  • Disengaged employees, tense encounters, frequent team skirmishes

  • Harassing or sexually charged communication

  • Unwanted sexual advances and physical contact, inappropriate content exchanges 

  • Toxic leadership, bullying, narcissism, and retaliatory practices 

  • Poorly written or enforced policies regarding conduct

  • Office affairs and inappropriate dating relationships 

  • Competing values and poor ethical decision making

  • Personality clashes and interpersonal friction

  • A lack of respect for each other, appreciation, equity, and empathy

We can help you with all that 'ish.


Conflict Doesn't Happen To You. It Happens Through You.

It's true! If your workplace is booming and the teams you lead look like the folks in this picture, then you don't need us.


Chances are, however, that there is unresolved and unidentified internal conflict within yourself that, once triggered, leads to foolish behavior, diminished productivity, sluggish communication, and ultimately, tarnished relationships. 

If you're struggling to lead well and drowning under the weight of conflict and misconduct, we can help you get your 'ish together.

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