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Ryan Dunlap, black man, leader, smiling

What Can A Former Hostage Negotiator Teach Leaders About Conflict?

We help leaders discover powerful ways to speak and lead effectively under pressure.

Where Leaders Come To Get Their 'ish Together.

At Conflictish®, we combine the best practices of conflict management with proven insights from hostage negotiation and crisis intervention to help leaders discover practical ways to improve how they lead themselves and others through conflict.


From the interrogation room into the boardroom, we specialize in equipping leaders with the skills necessary to make high-quality decisions under pressure, build high-performance teams that thrive in adversity, lead difficult conversations that result in conflict transformation, and become more resilient on the backside of conflict.

What We Do:

Event - CLOE Leadership Conference, Ryan Dunlap, black man, leader, smiling, keynote speaker



Discover dynamic, engaging, and thought-provoking keynote speeches that bring conflict insights from the field, right to your stage.

Ryan Dunlap, black man, leader, smiling



Discover how to deploy our proprietary conflict model to build conflict competency among leaders and teams.

Ryan Dunlap, black man, leader, smiling

Training & Workshops

Explore engaging training programs that inspire collaboration and cohesion between leaders and teams.

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"Ryan has developed a keen ability to listen, process, relay & transform captured information into actions that result in thorough resolutions!"

- L. Brown, VP of Client Services, Chronovo

How We Help

Through curriculum-based coaching and training programs, we deploy our proprietary framework, The Real Tact Model®, to help leaders build their conflict competency through mastery of 3 core pillars and 8 key skills.

Real Tact Model Updated - 3 Pillars

Leaders who are able to balance all 3 core pillars are best positioned to effectively leverage the 8 skills of the Real Tact Model®; Rapport, Engagement, Authenticity, Listening, Trajectory, Attitude, Culture, and Timing.

Improve Your Self-Awareness

Build Your Self-Confidence

Demonstrate Self-Control

"Ryan has the knowledge, skill & experience of law enforcement to back up what he’s saying, combined with the compassion to navigate  uncomfortable topics."

- A. Carruthers, CMP - Events Director

Thought Leadership & Insights

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