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Welcome to

Where leaders come to get their 'ish together!

A private membership community that helps you

Gain Self-Awareness.

Build Self-Confidence.

Demonstrate Self-Control.

Live training, community engagement, & resources to help you grow!
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What Kind of 'Ish-Yous' Are You Dealing With?
"This is for everyone. Whether you are navigating diminished productivity and sluggish engagement or hellish attitudes and tarnished relationships, I created this community specifically to help leaders improve how they lead themselves and others through conflict."
Who Should Join This Community?
  • If you are a leader who is responsible for managing conflict among your teams and direct reports, this community is for you

  • If you are a leader with a desire to gain control over your own conflict-causing behavior, this community is for you

  • If you are a leader who was poorly prepared for your role within your organization, this community is for you

  • If you are an aspiring leader desiring to improve your knowledge and understanding of conflict management, this community is for you

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Team Building Session
What Does The Community Offer Me?

They say it's lonely at the top, but it doesn't have to be! As a leader, you need a safe place to grow and trusted people you can talk to about the major challenges you're navigating.

If you're looking for a community that offers professional development opportunities, community-based accountability, research-backed conflict management insights, and a supportive virtual ecosystem full of like-minded individuals looking for the same, then you're in the right place!

What's Included With My Membership?
  • Exclusive community access to live training & and webinars

  • On-demand training videos covering a multitude of conflict-related topics

  • Access to automated daily coaching tips and a personalized dashboard

  • Full access to a growing library of custom worksheets, infographics, and forms to help you manage conflict

  • Access to validated psychometric assessments: DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and more!

  • Engage in community chat & and discussion for support from your peers

  • Early access & and discounted pricing to new resources, courses, and private coaching

  • Open group coaching & and first-chance opportunities to pre-register for closed small group coaching

Virtual Team Meeting
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Here's a Sneak Peak Into Our Community!
The Ish Factor
Here Are Some of the Topics We'll Deep Dive Into:
  • Exploring Filters, Biases, & Heuristics

  • Principles of Conflict Communication

  • Imposter Syndrome, Insecurity, & Self-Doubt

  • Dealing With High-Conflict Personalities

  • Addressing Secondary & Tertiary Emotions

  • Managing Employee Conflict & Conduct

  • Altitude Sickness & Leadership Failures to Adapt

  • Active Listening

  • Navigating Conflict Culture at Work

  • Conflict Escalation & De-escalation

  • Principles of Negotiation

  • Internal & External Conflict Orientation 

Meet Your Coach!
Former Hostage Negotiator | Conflict Strategist | Executive Coach | Creator of the Real Tact Model™

Ryan Marshall Dunlap

My name is Ryan and I'm on a mission to help leaders get their 'ish together.  

As a former SWAT hostage negotiator turned conflict strategist, I've spent the last 20 years helping leaders and organizations respond to complex, high-stakes conflicts.

Today, I leverage those years of conflict and crisis management experience, along with my proprietary conflict resolution framework, to help others become conflict-competent leaders with the skills to
enhance their leadership presence, inspire connectedness between teams, & improve organizational health!
Ryan Dunlap Headshot
Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will it cost?

Currently, membership is $20 per-month or $220 for 1-year.

Why The Ish Factor?

By definition, The Ish Factor represents the character required and the knowledge possessed to distinguish oneself by diminishing the conflict within themself.

Unfortunately, many leaders lack the character and skill necessary to manage conflict well, either within themselves or with others. That's why The Ish Factor online community exists.


As a community, The Ish Factor solves this problem. Inside, members will gain the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to build their self-awareness, grow their self-confidence, and demonstrate self-control. By joining this community, members will distinguish themselves by improving how they lead themselves and others through conflict & adversity.

Is The Ish Factor a Course or Learning Platform?

No! We are a community built on real engagement and real relationships. While we absolutely intend to roll out courses in the future, those courses will be just one component of the full community experience.

Is there a contract to sign-up?

Nope. Your membership is never based on a contract. Cancel anytime!

How often will new content be added to the community?

Every day, you'll find new content added to the community. From daily discussions and digital resources to training videos and webinars, there will always be something to learn!

I'm a leader in a unique industry. Is there a place for me?

We've worked with leaders in a number of different industries. From K-12 public school administrators and elected officials to multinational healthcare executives and small business owners, there's a space for you!

By having representation from a number of different industries, your voice becomes a source of learning for others to glean from. Your conflict, just like everyone else's, is unique to you. By sharing your unique challenges and experiences with others, you can help them grow as well!

Will I have a chance to work with Ryan 1 on 1?

You will be learning and growing with Ryan during live sessions, webinars, and community events, building yourself up in partnership with your community members! He'll definitely be around!


For those looking to go a little deeper or looking for a more personal experience, opportunities for private coaching or exclusive group coaching with Ryan will be available for an additional cost.

Ready to grow your conflict competence?

Click the link below to join The Ish Factor today!

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