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What Kind of 'ish Are You Dealing With?

Leaders are expected to be competent conflict managers, able to resolve complex issues throughout their organizations.

While research reveals that 70% of employees believe that conflict management is an important skill for leaders, many leaders have not been properly trained to deal with conflict at all.
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Are You Ready to become a conflict-competent leader?
Grow. Build. Master.
Conflict is inevitable, but negative outcomes don't have to be.

Let me show you how to crush conflict using my proprietary framework, The Real Tact Model™.
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Build safe & responsive organizations.


Lead incredibly connected teams.

Improve organizational health.

 Whether you are looking for the skills to help you resolve conflict between others or you are committing to address your own conflict-causing behavior, our unique conflict resolution modelis designed to help you accomplish your goals by diminishing workplace disruptions & establishing a better way forward.

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The Real Tact Model™ is a framework that is designed to help leaders grow their conflict competency.

Meet Your Coach!
Former Hostage Negotiator | Conflict Strategist | Executive Coach | Creator of the Real Tact Model™
Ryan Marshall Dunlap
My name is Ryan and I'm on a mission to help leaders get their 'ish together.  

As a former SWAT hostage negotiator turned conflict strategist, I've spent the last 20 years helping leaders and organizations respond to complex, high-stakes conflicts.

Today, I leverage those years of conflict and crisis management experience, along with my proprietary conflict resolution framework, to help others become conflict-competent leaders with the skills to
enhance their leadership presence, inspire connectedness between teams, & improve organizational health!

Ready to grow your conflict competence?

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